Katipunan Cup Rules and Playing Conditions

1. MCC Rules of cricket are followed except where otherwise stipulated.

2. Each team entering is required, before the start of a game, to submit, to the organizers, a list of their nominated 11 players.
No player nominated in one team may play for any other team in the competition without prior permission from the PCA Management Committee.

3. One player from each team will act as Captain for the duration of the competition, even though he may not necessarily play in each match. On match days the Captain’s (or their nominated deputy) responsibilities will be:

  • Nominating eleven (11) players for every game of the team.
  • Ensuring that players full names are recorded in the scorebook.
  • Time keeping.
  • Conduct of his team.
  • Acting on their behalf in the case of disputes

4. The umpires will be in charge of the games each day. Their decision on any point of dissention shall be absolutely final.

5. The game is played for 30 over’s. No bowler may bowl more than 6 overs.

6. All teams must wear an approved uniform.

7. White batting pads will not be permitted. These must be covered by coloured clads.

8. The top TWO teams in Groups 1 and 2 will contest the final’s which will comprise of semi-finals and a final.

9. If a player is unable to complete an over due to injury it must be completed by another member of the team as per ICC rules.

10. Time limit. The first bowling side must complete their 30 overs in 2 hour and 5 minutes. If the bowling side does not complete the 30 overs within the stipulated time, the bowling side will only receive when batting that number of completed over’s they bowled in 2 hours and 5 minutes.

The side bowling second will also be expected to bowl their 30 overs in no more than 2 hours and 5 minutes. Failure to do so will result in the following penalties.

  1. If only 29 overs are completed the Captain will receive a formal warning and should there be a repetition during the course of the season he will be suspended for one game.
  2. If 28 or less overs are completed the Captain will be suspended for the teams next game. If this offence is committed during a teams last scheduled game the penalty will carry over to the first game of the following seasons Katipunan Cup.
    However, the Umpires or Organizing committee will be the final decision makers and may or may not impose penalties for slow over rate if required.

11. There will be a 10 minute break between innings. There will also be a 5 minute drinks break that will be taken on the field after 16 overs.

12. Under-arm bowling is strictly prohibited.

13. Runs and extras are scored in accordance with the laws of cricket with the following exceptions:

Any leg side ball will be called as wide as per ICC rules and will be judged by the main umpire.
Off side wide’s shall be called at the discretion of the umpire.
A bouncer above the batsman’s head if the batsman didn’t hit it will be declared Wide ball and will be declared one bouncer for the over as well.

A NO BALL shall count as 1 extra to the batting side and an extra ball shall be bowled. Runs scored from a NO BALL (off the bat, byes or leg byes) will be credited, in addition to the 1 extras for the NO BALL.
The normal rules will apply to the call of “NO BALL”. If after delivery, the ball is then considered WIDE, the call of “NO BALL” takes precedence and therefore the ball remains live.

One bouncer in an over above the shoulder but not over is allowed and counted as one for the over. Repetition of the same in that over will be declared a NO ball. Above the shoulder NO ball can be suggested by the square leg umpire (if the square leg umpire is from the batting team) but the decision can be over ruled by the main umpire.

Any ball which, having not bounced after leaving the bowler’s hand, passes the batsman above waist height in their normal stance, or would have passed him above waist height if it had not struck the batman’s bat or body, shall be called a NO BALL by the bowling end umpire and the bowler and Captain will be warned. Should a bowler bowl a second delivery deemed to be above waist height he will then be forbidden to bowl again during the match. Any remaining balls will need to be completed by another bowler and will be deemed to be a completed over.

Any ball which does not pitch on the carpet will be deemed to be a NO ball.

The ball remains live after the call of NO BALL.

c. MANKAD: A mankad style dismissal of a batsman trying to steal a run is permissible as per ICC rules.
Runner is not allowed in order to assist any injured batsman.

If all the fielders are not on the field, when a game commences, then the player(s) arriving late can only enter the field of play after the over in progress has been completed. The player may not bowl until they have been on the ground for the same amount of time they have been absent.

If any player for the batting side arrives late, he is allowed to bat anytime after a wicket falls. However if a wicket falls and the batting side don’t have any batsman ready to take field within the allotted time due to late arrival, umpires will not wait for the batsman and will consider the inning as complete and the batting side will be considered all out.

14. The game is won by the side having the highest score after the completion of the game. If the total scores are the tied:

In round robin matches both teams will be awarded 1point regardless of the number of wickets lost.

If a tie occurs during the knockout stages:

The side losing the fewest wickets is judged the winner.

In the event of both teams losing the same number of wickets, the side which has given least number of extras will be adjudged the winner.

In the highly unlikely event of same number of extras for both teams, a super over maybe allowed as per ICC rules.

15. At the end of each match points will be awarded in the following manner:

Two (2) points will be awarded to the winning side.

One (1) point will be awarded to both sides in the event of a tie in a . league game.

1 (1) point will be awarded to each team if games are abandoned or . cancelled due to bad weather.

Zero 0 points will be awarded to the losing side.

Zero (0) points will be awarded to any team forfeiting a game and two (2) points will be awarded to the opposition.

16. In the event of the total number of points being equal, in any table, on completion of all fixtures, the final positions will be decided by using the following criteria in order:

  • The team with the superior net run rate as shown on the Cric HQ Scoring App.
  • Dividing the number of runs scored in all games played by the number of overs used to achieve those runs (Strike Rate).

17. All equipment shall comply with M.C.C. Laws of Cricket. Cricket balls will be supplied by the organizing committee.

18. Where possible neutral umpires will adjudicate each game.

19. Decisions by the umpires on the field of play, and the management committee member in other matters are final. All players and officials will be expected to comply with the PCA Code of Conduct.

20. Rain-affected Matches
A game will be declared abandoned and one point given to each side if the first innings and not less than 20 overs of the second innings have been completed.

Duckworth-Lewis Stern method will be used to determine the targets in a reduced over matches due to rain delays.

At its sole discretion, PCA shall determine the fitness of ground condition and shall make any decision on, and where deemed necessary match abandonment, taking into account player safety, weather conditions, weather forecast and travel time of players to the ground.

If a game has not been cancelled by PCA, sole responsibility within scheduled match times shall be conferred to the match umpire/s assigned to the respective match/es. However, PCA management reserves the right to over rule the umpire’s decision if deemed necessary.

In any instance of match abandonment, a representative of PCA or the officiating match umpire/s shall inform the playing teams captains either verbally or in writing or by an announcement on its website or social media at the earliest possible convenience.

Rain-affected league games will not be re-played.

Only Play off games will be re-played.

Abandonment of games will be solely at the discretion of the PCA.

21. Scorers
The PCA will provide a scorer.

NOTE: The PCA reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time if it considers such action to be in the best interests of the competition.

Use of the facilities including the playing ground, pitch, and practice nets, is at players own risk. The Philippine Cricket Association, Emilio Aguinaldo College, and any other organization involved in the provision cricket in the Philippines will not be responsible for any injury incurred while playing cricket. All participating players do so at their own risk. The PCA encourages all participants to take appropriate measures to protect themselves when playing or watching cricket, including wearing the correct safety equipment including, but not limited to, a batting helmet, gloves and pads.